Stelem, incorporated in 1983, specializes in the distribution of equipment, tools and products for the maintenance of municipal infrastructures.
Stelem started out as a distributor of fire hydrant parts and in the restoration of fire hydrants.

Today, while still being a distributor of fire hydrant parts and restoring fire hydrants, Stelem has become an important supplier of equipment and specialized tools for Quebec and Eastern Ontario municipalities and contractors specializing in installation and repair of underground services. Stelem is the exclusive distributor in Quebec for such products as Radiodection pipe and cable locators, Pearpoint mini sewer camera and Red-B-Gone stain remover. We invite you to consult the Equipment section of our website to view the products available at Stelem.
In a continuous effort to better serve our customers, all our employees, sales reps, customer service and field technicians receive the necessary training so that they have a very good understanding of the equipment, tools and products sold by our company.
Being an authorized distributor of fire hydrant parts for Clow Canada and Mueller Canada and in order to offer the best service possible, Stelem has one of the biggest inventory of fire hydrant parts in Quebec. Stelem also has all the parts for fire hydrants manufactured today and keeps most parts for older makes of fire hydrants such as Canron, Ludlow, Drolet, etc..

Stelem is the authorized distributor and official repair and service company for fire hydrants and valves manufactured by Clow Canada. We are also a certified repair company for fire hydrants manufactured by Mueller Canada.

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