Stelem is an authorized distributor for many manufacturers among which the most important ones are listed below. Our sales staff is available to answer your inquiries. However, if you wish to obtain additional technical data and specifications regarding these products, we invite you to visit the corresponding manufacturer’s website below.

Please note that some manufacturers might not be listed below. Therefore, you may contact us for any specific request you might have for related products.

Manufacturers list
Alkota Husqvarna Mueller Canada Schonstedt
Bosch/CST Hydreka Pollard Water Tag Canada
Clow Canada Hydro-Guard Pro Products Tsurumi Pump
COB Lowell Protol U.S.SAWS
Endeavor Tool Magikist Radiodetection E.H. WACHS
Products details
High pressure washers and steamers

Alkota pressure washers and steamers offer top quality products. The highest quality of materials is selected and the manufacturing quality is second to none. (Bosch division)

Magnetic locators
Laser levels, tripods,
Universal receivers,
Rods and poles

Locates buried metallic objects with high technology sensors and electronically calibrated patented circuits.

You will find a complete range of laser levels (pipelaser or others), universal receivers, tripods, rods and poles to fulfill all your needs.

Fire hydrant parts
Specialized tools
Conversion kits

Original parts and complete extensions for models such as Concord, McAvity, Daigle, Drolet, Bibby and a variety of specialized tools to meet your needs.

Also available: Fire hydrant conversion kit. Replace an old fire hydrant without excavation. Inquire about makes and models available.

Stelem offer an installation service.
Quick Freezer

The Quick Freezer allows the isolation of a service line without having to shut-off the main line. It saves time, eliminates wasted water and the need to close valves.

Gator grip

The universal Gator-Grip socket socket turns worn, rusted, damaged and new valve nuts (even missing operating nuts) simply and safely.

Indicators, markers

Conscious of the environment, Flexstake uses recycled materials in the fabrication of its street markers and fire hydrant sign posts without compromising the quality of the product.

"Ring Saw" Power Cutters

The eccentric drive of the blade means the cutting depth is a huge 260mm (10"). Their unique power-to-weight ratio combines performance and maneuverability in a handheld power cutter. It is well suited to a wide range of applications, including brick, PVC, reinforced concrete and ductile or cast iron.

Different correlators and leak detectors available

Automatic flushing system for water systems

Automatic programmable flushing system and drainage system. Functions in all climates.

Ideal for end of lines.    

Specialized tools

Innovator in the ratchet wrench technology,
offers a wide variety of specialized tools adapted
to the needs of the waterworks industry.

Line thawer

A safe and efficient method to thaw frozen water lines with no fire hazard. The water is recycled by allowing it to return to the reservoir.

Fire hydrant parts and specialized tools

Mueller offers a complete line of hydrant parts and specialized tools for the waterworks industry.

Equipment, tools and other products for the waterworks industry and contractors :
geophone, universal valve lifter,
Aqua-Stop, pitot diffuser, pressure testing kit and a lot more

Red-B-Gone rust and stain remover

Eliminates red water stains on clothing that often occur after the flushing of the fire hydrants. Can also be used to remove rust on dishes, glass, plastic, porcelain, enamel and concrete.


Specialized tool for lifting manhole covers with a minimum of effort.
Pipe and cable locators
Mini sewer cameras

Precision locators for buried pipes and cables. Different models available.

Portable sewer camera for inspection of pipes with limited access.

Magnetic locators

These magnetic locators aredesigned to withstand the rigors of daily on-site usage
and a wide range of environmental conditions.

Root Cutters

Specializing in the development and the design of industrial nozzles and pressure nozzles for root cutting. Higher quality products for pipe maintenance.

Submersible Pumps
Sewage and wastewater

Durable and compact, wide range of pump models
that will handle your needs and save you time and money.

Pneumatic saws
Assorted diamond blades including the "Tigertooth"
Compact PVC pipe cutter "Sewer Buddy"
Concrete coring equipment and core bits

Valve exercisers for all your needs

- Extended reach valve operators
- Valve operators mounted on trailer or truck
- Hand-held valve exerciser
- Compact VACUUM system.