Inspection cameras


Flexiprobe P540 Professional Video Inspection

The Flexiprobe P540® is the best-in-class in push rod video inspection systems. Its lightweight rugged design is perfect for plumbers and municiapls. The new digital system allows uses to zoom, pan and rotate images and save them to a USB or Flash drive. The user can generate professional reports on-site utilizing the function keys. The digital format allows for easy transfers by the internet or uploads to YouTube to easily share videos with customers.

The Flexiprobe P540® Standard provides crisp picture viewing quality, indoors or in direct sunlight. The reel design is rugged, compact and equipped with wheels for easy transport and maneuverability at the job site.


Flexitrax™ P550 - Modular Crawler System

The flexitrax™ P550 controller is designed around the user, helping them to create survey reports more easily and more efficiently. Intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons guide you through your survey, allowing you to move to the next job more quickly.

MSCC 3-, 4- or 5-compliant reporting and on-board WiFi allow you to share your reports via email or DropBox, all while still on site. Or simply copy to a memory stick in any of the three USB ports.

Colleagues and/or customers can see your video inspection in real-time by viewing it on a standard web browser on their local, connected communications device, such as a phone or tablet.