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We are not competing with anyone, so all our efforts are directed towards our customers. We are focused on your needs. To do business with Stelem is to establish a bond of trust and move in the same direction.

  • In business with you since 1983.
  • Your personalized specialist in municipal equipment.
  • Stelem has the largest inventory of fire hydrant parts.
  • We are official repairers of the terminals and valves.

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Stelem, founded in 1983, specializes in the supply of equipment, tools and products for the maintenance of municipal infrastructures. In its early days, Stelem specialized in the distribution of parts and the restoration of fire hydrants.

Today, without abandoning the distribution of parts and the restoration of fire hydrants, Stelem has become a major supplier of equipment and tools to municipalities in Quebec and Eastern Ontario, as well as ‘to contractors working in the field of buried installation and repair services. In addition, in Quebec, we are the exclusive distributor of E.H. Wachs equipment, Flexstake and Pretzel tutors, and Red-B-Gone stain remover. We are also an authorized distributor of the PearPoint Radiodetection cable and conduit locators and mini-camera. We invite you to visit the Equipment section for an overview of the products available at Stelem.

Always striving to offer its customers the best service possible, Stelem ensures that all its employees, representatives on the road, customer service representatives or technician-repairers-trainers have a thorough knowledge of equipment and tools distributed and / or repaired.

Stelem has the largest inventory of fire hydrants in Quebec. In addition to having all the parts for fire hydrants produced today, we also keep parts for models of fire hydrants that are no longer in production for several years, such as Ludlow, Canron, Drolet, etc.

Not only is Stelem an authorized distributor, we are also one of the official repairers of fire hydrants and valves manufactured by Clow Canada, as well as a certified repairer of fire hydrants manufactured by Mueller Canada.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the full range of products and services offered by Stelem.