Search for leaks


PERMALOG leak pre-locator

Permalog+ leak detectors are sensors used in the drinking water distribution network to ensure the pre-location of leaks.

The Permalog+ is the latest in a line of well known permanent or semi-permanent leak detectors. This sensor can be used as a traditional prelocator in a local foot or “drive by” survey or in a fixed station by GSM or long range VHF radio survey.


PCORR+ Pre-Locator

PCorr+ is a compact leak detection device that allows both sound recording and correlation in a complete system.

Incorporating correlation software that leverages our renowned SoundSens platform, the PCorr+ provides consistent quality sound recordings. Our new PCorr+ software is compatible with the WebCorr mobile app, allowing users to review sound files and correlate data in the field.


PERMANET+ pre-locator for leaks

PermaNET+ is the award-winning leak detection system that combines a leak noise sensor with versatile telemetry technology, creating a fixed network to monitor leaks.

Representing the next step in the development of noise recording and leak detection, PermaNET+ is an effective and practical solution for large-scale deployment.


LMIC acoustic sensor

The Xmic® range combines ease of use with high quality sound for effective leak detection. It is both lightweight and economical with excellent sound quality and sensitivity.

The Xmic® benefits from the latest amplification and sensor technology to give the best response levels to intermittent or light leakage noise. The user can limit the bandpass using the four low and four high (frequency) filter thresholds – a total of 25 possible filter settings. This allows the user to target leakage noise and exclude unwanted noise interference.


DXMIC acoustic detector

DXmic is the latest generation of digital ground microphone developed to accurately locate the position of a leak.

Offering the highest quality sound, DXmic incorporates a wide variety of features to help locate the position of a leak, including automatic filtering and frequency display.

DXmic Pro goes a step further by allowing the recording of leak sounds, including the ability to replay recordings, and is also compatible with the DXmic app.


Touch pro correlator

Touch Pro is an advanced leak noise correlator designed specifically for the most difficult leak detection situations, including plastic or large diameter pipes.

With a variety of easy-to-use features and intuitive operation, the Touch Pro is an effective tool for fast and accurate leak detection.


Multi-sensor correlator SOUNDSENS

The new Soundsens “i” correlative logger system and the latest software have been designed to offer high performance, versatility and speed in the field.

Operators can configure and download data without a PC if desired. The unit can store up to a week’s worth of data before downloading it to a PC, making field operations more flexible. The loggers are downloaded via an infrared signal, so there is no need for a direct physical connection via cables. This makes deployment and downloading much faster.