Restoration of fire hydrants and installation of extensions

Have your fire hydrants restored by our certified technicians.

  • Avoid the trouble of unnecessary excavation;
  • No loss of time;
  • No need to keep an inventory of fire hydrant parts.

Lowering fire hydrants, without excavation

Lowering of most terminal models (and without excavation), using specialized tools.

Preventive maintenance of fire hydrants

  • Avoid the replacement of major parts and eliminate worn out terminals;
  • Ask us for a proposal for the preventive maintenance of your fire hydrants.

Handling of valves (with or without manipulator)

Valves difficult to handle?

Correct the situation with a valve handling program.

Training on the location of underground cables and conduits

We offer simple and effective training that will allow you to pinpoint the location of underground cables and conduits. You will learn the principles and techniques of localization.